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Industrial cleaning 

Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids are strong choices for a wide variety of industrial cleaning applications and can be used in place of chlorinated solvents (methylene chloride, trichloroethylene), mineral spirits and kerosene-based cleaners.

Because of their relatively high occupational exposure limits (OELs), Exxsol D fluids often serve as replacements for conventional solvents that may be the subject of more onerous regulatory restrictions.

Applications and benefits

For the toughest cleaning challenges – including parts with complex geometry that may be difficult to clean and dry – the low surface tension of Isopar™ G, Isopar™ H and Isopar™ L ensures that these fluids get to areas that other fluids cannot reach. Dirt is flushed away more effectively, and the drying process is faster.

  • Narrow boiling ranges: for consistent and predictable drying rates and easier recovery and recycling
  • Choice of boiling ranges and flash points: to create a tailored cleaning solution in a wide range of evaporation rates
  • From low odor to extremely low aromatics: for increased worker comfort (most Isopar grades are virtually odorless)
  • High OELs (Occupational Exposure Limits): for safer operations and lower exposure risks compared to conventional solvents
  • Compatibility with polymeric materials: will not damage most plastics and elastomers
  • Noncorrosive: to be fully compatible with metals
  • High product consistency and chemical stability: for dependable performance after repeated use and recycling

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